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Arabic & Islamic Calligraphy


Welcome to Mohammad Saleem Khan's Website


Arabic Calligraphy is the most typical expression of the Islamic Spirit.
Let me introduce all my Islamic and fine Arabic art to all of you who are seeking a new look to such arts !
Hope you enjoy your stay.

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My Islamic art gallery is dedicated to the promotion of  fine arts, a new way to look at, while also fostering a cultural and creative dialogue amongs the world....This Art Gallery is my handiwork and it seeks to strengthen the vitality and appreciation to all especially to the people who are beginners.     

I hope you'll find the information you need on this site very informative.

Mohd Saleem Khan

Phone: (965) 5615968
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This is one of my masterpieces !


LA ELAHA EL LALLAH - There is none to worship except ALLAH

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