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Arabic & Islamic Calligraphy
About Me


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In the name of Allah
Most Gracious and Most Merciful

This is now quite sometime that the website of my artwork has been launched.
This is the blessing of Allah Subhana hu Wa Taala who has showered me with abundant blessings by creating me human being, made me a Muslim and gave me the best life, best family and some talent to present some of my art work which represents the name of Allah in Arabic and English language.
All Praises be upon Allah.
It was not my intention to write something or praise myself, but with this intention that those who would watch my website and admire some of my unique work, would definitely want to know more about me.
My photograph's are self explainatory sketches.
I would like to mention that this work of art is the gift of Allah and I have never attended any art classes.
I'm in debt to my entire family and thanks has been extended to my loving wife Seema who has started admiring and collecting my art work in a proper way.
Further more, thanks to my loving elder daughter Meena who has assisted me in bringing my art work to reality by launching it on to the website. Without her assistance, this work would not have been possible to bring it to public in such a good order which has been appreciated even by myself.
I'm also thankful to my loving younger daughter Amena and my loving son Khaled whose collective admiration have made my art further strengthened to present it to all those who will visit my website.
I do hope you will also appreciate my work and please do remember me and my family in your prayers.

Blessings of Allah to all of you.

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